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Paul Gangnier

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A Few Facts…

  • Each week 100-plus people reach out to my website for help.  
  • Approximately 50% of my work is from referrals. 
  • 80-90% of the people that contact me have been to priests, shamans, etc.  
  • Most if not all of these people have not received the help they needed. 
  • 80-90% of the people contacting me are suicidal.
  • Most have already tried to take there life several times. 
  • What I do is what Spirit directs me to do. I don’t ask – rather I am shown. 
  • I don’t do rituals or the hoky-poky. Spirit does it all – I am Spirits helper. 
  • All my work is over the phone and gets fantastic results.
  • We are meant to get all the way through this life.
  • A premature death is only re-inacted/re-lived in a new life.

Blog I

Pay it forward scholarship

Many know of this term especially when becoming popular in the 2000 movie “Paying it Forward”.

You may agree that we are in the most important time throughout the history of our existence. I have seen this since a child knowing that at this time we have important choices to make for ourselves and our loved ones.

In my work I see 100’s of people desperate for help, many I can help, many I sadly must turn away due to time and funding.

This my friends is not a movie, it is reality.

Love Peace and Kindness


Paul Gangnier Therapist

 Blog II

A reply about entities…

You are the one who let this (entity) into your being, and yet there is no power greater then you. This paradox is a lesson and an important part of each human’s journey. Many places within our journey we are given important choices. The saying “once I was blind but now I see” comes to mind right now as often we choose from ego, malice, greed, want, while being oblivious to what the long term effects will be for us and our loved ones. Each choice is important adding up growing and building energy not just from this lifetime but throughout all lifetimes, just know that one day this energy will turn and face you. For many this has already happened. 

What I do is simple and basic, at least to me. I deliberately put myself in the position to be directed by your higher self and the other Spirits around that are offering their help and guidance, then I deliver it back to you as I’m instructed. The delivery to you is channeled informational spoken or telepathic words then energy is transferred to you by myself and/or the Spirits in the room with you.  This is all devoted to your transform from one reality to another.

The little voice in your ear, your probing thoughts is your higher self wanting you to act. When you don’t get it, not able to receive important information your Spirit finds me (or another like me) to help.
As an awake child I saw who and what we are and this work was to be my destiny. So I set my intention to be a open-willing-helper to Spirit focused on helping all find our greatness, again.

Our work together will focus on raising the energy of your thoughts, words your speak, karma, energy inside and out, all directed and channeled from the real you. As you raise your energy your Mind-Body-Spirit transforms to a whole new level of awareness and loses all lower negative energies and attachments.

This is your time to clear the karma and blocks and join with Spirit using all that you’ve experienced as tools to help yourself and all others to come together as one.

By raising your energy all lower energies collected within Mind-Body-Spirit must leave… karma from all lifetimes gone… all must and do leave… as nothing else unlike you can stay.

Let Go & Let God…

Therapist Paul Gangnier

Blog III

“Every man must decide whether he will walk in the light of creative altruism or in the darkness of destructive selfishness”

Martin Luther King, Jr.


Freedom is the ability of seeing that all things are gifts

When we discover that “all things are gifts” our perception shifts onto another level just as if we have opened the door to golden light. I rediscover this over and over again in my mind by the intentional act of allowing the space for the universe, God, spirit, and all, to do its thing for me everyday in everyway.  All I need to do is bring myself to a place of calm, peace, love, harmony, and acceptance. Then allow.

True Freedom is not fought, bought, nor bargained for. This is the old ego based paradigm and is not for me.

True Freedom is not when my ego feels free… It’s when my soul is free!

Being free of negative attachments while being connected to Source is my daily goal and practice.




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What Clients Say

  • Paul, I want you to know that I'm feeling GREAT! This to me is such a fantastic relief and turnaround after many years of personal turmoil. I know it's all due to the enjoyable sessions with you. Thank you for your practice of helping me and others. I am really lucky to have met you.

    Ann R. Michigan
  • Paul's healing work is highly effective. He is a gifted intuit and healer, with a unique ability to share his profound insights and understandings.  The sessions with Paul helped me get past some negative self-beliefs I'd been trying to resolve for years. His therapy skills and personal integrity made it easy to allow my mind to relax. I enthusiastically recommend him to anyone seeking assistance on their inner journey.

    Marti D. Hawaii
  • Paul is very intuitive and his healing talents go far beyond anything I’ve ever seen.  It is so important in healing work to be able to hear the guidance that comes to us.  He has that awareness for touching in with you on a Spiritual level to find out what is truly going on and is able to offer to others real changes that make huge shifts in their lives.

    Eve G. France