The Art of Higher Giving

Paul Gangnier Therapist

Going Deeper  

Having a deeper connection to energy is the most important thing I can imagine.  Connection to energy means super enhanced Psychic abilities allowing us to see, hear and feel whats going on all around us plus what others are experiencing.  This leads to tremendous understandings of not only whats going on but how we can better interact and engage to be more “in service” to all things.

Over 30 years helping all to awaken their conscious minds

My practice is based on connecting to energy, not a modality of should’s and should nots. Energy is wiser then any human and is beyond description.  This means we get out of the way allowing that wiser power to flow to and through us. Reiki is wonderful however the most important parts of Reiki are the attunements and understanding that it’s not us, its not Reiki, its the wiser all knowing flowing energies all around us 24/7.

If you are eager to increase your knowledge and skills I am happy to help you do so.  Classes and workshops are 100% focused on tapping into our natural abilities to help ourselves and others.

Reiki, Breathwork, Hypnosis, Trance including the knowledge to help others plus removing Entities, Attachments and even Exorcisms.  All these modalities I offer to those that are ready.

Paul Gangnier Minister

Reiki & Energy

As a Reiki master and teacher for many years I have seen powerful healing results including shifting and freeing debilitating energy entities and blocks.  Energy work helps us all clear past, present and future karma.  We are naturally the product of all the lifetimes in the journey that has brought us to this current life.

  • I Classes – Open to all who want to learn about Reiki & Energy
  • II Classes – Focus is on skills and strengthening personal energy channeling
  • III Classes – At this level, participants are trained as Energy Reiki Masters


12 step to Master program. This is very intense work as other modalities are combined creating the most powerful modality known.

Trance, Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy

You will learn the art of  Trance, Hypnosis and therapeutic methods.  These modalities help uncover and guide people to remarkable awakenings.

Entities, Attachments and Exorcisms

Contact me direct.  This is powerful work only for those who are truly ready.


What Clients Say

  • Paul, I want you to know that I'm feeling GREAT! This to me is such a fantastic relief and turnaround after many years of personal turmoil. I know it's all due to the enjoyable sessions with you. Thank you for your practice of helping me and others. I am really lucky to have met you.

    Ann R. Michigan
  • Paul's healing work is highly effective. He is a gifted intuit and healer, with a unique ability to share his profound insights and understandings.  The sessions with Paul helped me get past some negative self-beliefs I'd been trying to resolve for years. His therapy skills and personal integrity made it easy to allow my mind to relax. I enthusiastically recommend him to anyone seeking assistance on their inner journey.

    Marti D. Hawaii
  • Paul is very intuitive and his healing talents go far beyond anything I’ve ever seen.  It is so important in healing work to be able to hear the guidance that comes to us.  He has that awareness for touching in with you on a Spiritual level to find out what is truly going on and is able to offer to others real changes that make huge shifts in their lives.

    Eve G. France