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Due to Paul’s schedule we will be limiting the number of sessions at this time. We will make every effort possible to set a session time with you as time allows.

Text or email (info shown below) your name, brief reason for session, best times for your session and a recent photo if possible.

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Paul Gangnier  

Paul Gangnier Therapist




1 on 1 Q & A

Questions, Answers & Understandings 

  • Find the deeper meanings
  • Lets look at why things are happening in your life
  • And look at ways to change direction, energy and more
  • Do you understand how your Karmic connections effect you? 
  • Look at how to change your life just by changing your Energy
  • Question me about Entities, Ghosts, Relationships +++more…

45 minute interaction $60 (Pay below and follow instructions)


Let Go

Relax and awaken

  • ***Incredibly successful
  • Deep Q & A + phone session
  • Let Go and AWAKEN session
  • Release & clear energies + Karma
  • Receive in-depth and profound insights 
  • Discover important information past, present, and future
  • Focus is on raising Mind, Body and Spirit energies
  • Start allowing higher energies in and around you
  • Begin to see clearer and receive Divine guidance
  • Receive homework for long term support

$260 (Pay below and follow instructions)


+Core Energy Shift+

Entities, Depression & Suicide

  • Exorcism
  • In-depth & Intense  
  • Discover and support is the thyme of this session 
  • Together lets discover the answers and the truth 
  • Deep look into your energy > reasons > past present and future
  • A deep look at relationships to all things
  • DEEP+++CORE+ energy shifting
  • Discover & release Attachments, Entities, Ghosts, Demons, Multiple Personalities, Anxieties, and Abuse+
  • Release all types of unwanted energies
  • Support > assigned homework > follow-up support
  • +Powerful remote supporting clearings
  • ***This work is incredibly successful***
  • Awaken happiness, health, relationships, wealth
  • Connect yourself to who you really are
  • Lots of support during and after our time together…

$480 (Pay below and follow instructions)



Important > Powerful 

  • Distance Energy Clearing & Blessings
  • Move all forward in peace and harmony
  • Clear people, land, buildings and businesses
  • All things hold imprints of energies from the past
  • These imprints include trauma, violence, war, abuse, and ecological destruction, even death
  • Energy if not cleared can hold negative influences
  • Release present and future conflicts, disharmony, imbalances and even illnesses
  • Since all things are energy it is wise to do this work

By donation (Pay below and follow instructions)



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Text or email your name, brief reason for session, best times for your session and a recent photo if possible.

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