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Negative energy impacts our Mind Body & Spirit in numerous ways promoting poor behaviors, anger, drugs use, fears, anxieties, depression & suicide, mental and physical illnesses, abuse of all types, relationship and family difficulties, all the way to complete possessions causing harm to self and others.

Some people are aware of their possession however many entities are so strong their host may have no idea that they are being possessed.

***The removal of these powerful negative energy attachments is called exorcisms.

Caring Support

For over 30+ years Paul Gangnier has devoted himself to helping and supporting others.  Physical, Emotional, Spiritual Health is important and can be sidetracked by lower energies such as Ghosts, Demons, Spirits, Entities harming not just the host. Family, friends, partners, fellow workers and so on are all effected by someone with energy issues.

Clairvoyant Psychic Exorcist Therapists such as Paul can help on many levels such as hypnosis therapy, psychic energy readings and healings, Clairvoyant readings, Spirit contact and counsel, all devoted to releasing lower energies while raising the mind, bodies, Spirit energy to all new levels.

Personal Power

No matter where you are all is well and perfectly Divine in the universes perspective.  What this means is the issues you feel you have are perfectly matched to your energy at the present time.  Lets discover together the pathway to your perfect place.

Psychic Help

We are encouraged and nudged not by our conscious minds but rather by our higher Spirit self to explore, grow and move forward in our personal journey.  We seek out help, change, and evolve because our higher self is hard at work leading us, nudging us, and showing us the way.

So often people cannot hear or understand what is being channeled to them. It’s at this point the higher self puts us together (or another Clairvoyant Pyschic Energy Therapist) to listen, receive, then deliver the messages to your conscious mind. 

Raise your energy and release all karmic attachments.


  • Clairvoyant
  • Breathworker
  • Lifetime Psychic 
  • Hypnotherapist, CCHT 
  • Spiritual Counselor
  • Energy Teacher
  • Reiki Master
  • Exorcist
  • Minister
Paul Gangnier Therapist


All attachments, entities, ghosts and possessions are energy, with all being uniquely individual bringing a wide range of issues to its host.  These energies can reside anywhere within a hosts existence Mind-Body-Spirit and with their removal being obviously very important.

Attachments are quite common and are part of everyday life.  

These energies impact people in various ways such as promoting poor behaviors, depression, mental and physical illnesses, relationship and family difficulties, coming in all types and intensities ranging from causing a person to be distracted, fearful, uncertain, angry, bipolar, having a “cloudy mind”, and so on.

For some this experience maybe only a distraction, but with others it can be an extremely powerful experience from a possession so strong their hosts may not realize they are being possessed.  Removing these powerful attachments of negative entity energies is referred to as exorcisms performed by a exorcist.

Intense Possessions

  • Can be transferred from one person to another
  • Traumatic events i.e. war, famine, auto accidents, and more
  • Abuse of all types i.e. sexual, physical and verbal abuse, and more
  • When in a mentally weakened or distracted state of mind
  • Drug addictions, alcohol abuse and addictions of all types
  • By association i.e. family, friends, groups and more
  • Past lifetimes and all types of relationships

In spite of the movie versions of dramatic and religious exorcisms, real-life exorcisms don’t need special rituals to successfully release strong attachments.  In fact, elaborate rituals are more of a distraction for a successful exorcism and tend to lessen its effectiveness.

The most effective method for extracting unwanted energies is for the exorcism process to be channeled and guided by the hosts own Spirit and the Spirits that are present to help.

It is very typical to have five or more Spirits around helping and channeling energy and information through me to the host.  Successful exorcisms are all about “reaching a state of higher energy” for both practitioner and client so that the energy (Entity) is overshadowed by the high energies present and leaves.

Although an exorcism can be performed just about anywhere, it’s best to be in a private quiet space.  This helps ensure less distractions to all.   A person that has had an extreme exorcism typically needs time and support afterwards to complete the healing process sometimes for many months.

Paul Gangnier Reiki Master


Professionalism and confidence are the most important factors in granting you the space to relax and let go.  Creating a deep hypnotic state allows us to bypass the conscious mind and communicate directly with the desires of the higher Spirit self. Phobias, habits, addictions, compulsions, anxieties, depression, traumas, anger, blockages and even Spiritual growth are some of the issues we can explore through this incredible modality. There has never been a time (in all of our lifetimes) that is so important for us to connect with Spirit.

Hypnosis also is a very effective lead-in tool into all types of natural healing approaches.

Paul W Gangnier is a Clinically Certified Hypnotherapist and the developer of Vibrational Trance Therapy.


All the energy from all of our lifetimes lives within us here and now. You may feel its important to revisit certain past lifetimes through past life regression so to heal a present day issue.  Past-life work is about remembering what you’ve experienced, how it affects you, and how it relates to you today.  Regression can have the powerful benefit of reaffirming your belief in Spirit and your connection to the universe. My main goal is to help you release energy blocks from the past.

Experiencing regressions is about reaffirming who you are and where you are in your journey.  Past-life work can have added benefits for clients such as reaffirming their belief in spirits or that there is more to our journey as spiritual beings than just this one lifetime.


Vibrational Trance Therapy is a full mind-body-Spirit communication utilizing the highest-level of channeling energies. This unique healing modality that Paul created in 2012 resets our being to the original vibrations of your true original self. This is achieved by raising our energy vibration to a place that all karmic energies are released. This is a huge transformational experience.


Hypnosis is trance state resembling sleep, characterized by a heightened susceptibility to suggestion where the body typically relaxes and the mind becomes more focused. When hypnosis is used as a healing modality it is known as Hypnotherapy and is clinically documented for accelerated healing, pain control, modification of blood pressure and heart rate, stress and anxiety relief, behavior modification, recovering suppressed memories, spiritual awakening, regression, and much more. Hypnotherapy is widely used for the treatment of emotional, psychological and habitual issues.

This natural and powerful healing modality is an extraordinary way to activate and utilize the unique powers within unleashing the unlimited potential of the mind.

“The inner creative mind not only knows all the questions but knows all the answers as well”. Gil Boyne 

Paul Gangnier


Connection to energy means super enhanced Psychic abilities allowing us to see, hear and feel whats going on all around us plus what others are experiencing.  This leads to tremendous understandings of not only whats going on but how we can better interact and engage to be more “in service” to all things.

Having a deeper connection to energy is the most important thing I can imagine. 

My practice is based on connecting to energy, not the modality’s of should’s and should nots. Energy is all things and is beyond description wiser then any human.  This means we get out of the way allowing that wiser power to flow to and through us. Reiki is wonderful however the most important parts of Reiki are the attunements and understanding that it’s not us, its not Reiki, its the wiser all knowing flowing all around us 24/7.

As a Reiki Energy Master and teacher for many years I have seen powerful healing results including shifting and freeing debilitating energy entities and blocks.  

Energy work helps us all clear past, present and future karma.  We are naturally the product of all the lifetimes in the journey that has brought us to this current life.


Teacher, Levels I, II & III

If you are eager to increase your knowledge and skills I am happy to help you do so.

Reiki I Classes – Open to all who want to learn about Reiki
Reiki II Classes – Focus on strengthening Reiki skills and performing Reiki on others
Reiki III Classes – At this mastery level, participants are trained and ready to teach Reiki

Sessions, Classes and workshops are focused on our natural healing powers


Breathwork is one of the most powerful modalities that can strengthen and deepen our spiritual connection to the boundless energy of our true self and Source. This simple modality lifts and lightens us physically, mentally, and emotionally offers countless positive healing benefits.

Breathwork has been used for spiritual and physical purification by many cultures since ancient times with names like Connected Breath, Rebirthing, Prana, Chi, Mana, and even as the Holy Spirit.

Breathwork helps facilitate an overall improvement in mind, body and Spirit with its lightening fast ability to channel needed energy to our entire being. Through this guided process we release and heal traumas from this life including all past lifetimes granting us almost immediate relief to our bodies, minds and Spirits energies. Emotions, tensions and stress can then freely float away. Additionally, Breathwork raises metabolism, increases elimination of bodily toxins, stimulates cellular rejuvenation and activates the body’s natural ability to relieve pain.

In this important process we regain the parts we lost at a previous time granting us the blessings of a healthier more vibrant karma free life.

As the process takes place, people often experience a greater sense of aliveness and overall wellbeing with most having an experience of increased connection to Spirit and access to transcendental experiences. Breathwork can be used for successfully reaching almost any personal or professional goals.



Reflexology is an ancient Chinese practice of manual therapy that focuses on applying pressure to the feet and hands using specific thumb, finger, and hand techniques.  Reflexology follows a specific mapped system of the body’s zones and reflex areas located on the feet. Applying pressure in specific reflex areas  triggers healing responses to areas all over the body. This enjoyable modality effectively creates healing and great physical changes.

Intuited Pressure Point is a complementary modality to Reflexology.   This also that stimulates the body’s natural self-healing abilities.  Intuitively applies, using the correct amount of pressure to key areas of the body releases stored energy, releases blocks, and “starts up” the bodies natural ability to heal.