Paul Gangnier Therapist

Paul is very intuitive and his healing talents go far beyond anything I’ve ever seen.  It is so important in healing work to be able to hear the guidance that comes to us.  He has that awareness for touching in with you on a Spiritual level to find out what is truly going on and is able to offer to others real changes that make huge shifts in their lives.”

— Eve G., France

“The recent session with you was simply amazing!  I could really feel the energy tingling and moving throughout my body.  It felt like I was floating.  Just recommended you to a friend!”

— Ronda D, Arizona

“Paul’s healing work is highly effective.  He is a gifted intuit and healer, with a unique ability to share his profound insights and understandings.  The sessions with Paul helped me get past some negative self-beliefs I’d been trying to resolve for years. His therapy skills and personal integrity made it easy to allow my mind to relax. I enthusiastically recommend him to anyone seeking assistance on their inner journey.”

— Marti D., Hawaii

“Paul, I want you to know that I’m feeling GREAT!  This to me is such a fantastic relief and turnaround after many years of personal turmoil. I know it’s all due to the enjoyable sessions with you.  Thank you for your practise of helping me and others. I am really lucky to have met you.”

— Ann R., Michigan

“I have had several transforming sessions with Paul leading me to take all of his classes.  My whole life has changed from this important work. I am so grateful to Paul.”

— Kathy G, California

“Paul is a special friend with spiritual grace whom I admire greatly for using his gifts to better the world and to increase the betterment of those who come to him for healing. With a background of experience in various healing modalities as well as being a gifted Intuit, Paul offers advanced professional expertise in his highly effective healing work.”

— Mary Carol Breckenridge, Hawaii

“My whole life I have lived in what I call hell.  As a child I was abused in many ways, abandoned, raised by people that were into drugs, alcohol and many more poor habits making me feel as an outcast and unloved.  Since I can remember, it’s been one bad thing after another leading me to be chronically depressed and suicidal.  Until the day you helped me see how things really work in life and in the Spirit world, I honestly thought there was no hope for me.  Meeting you gave me so much.  I was able to turn around and immediately be attached to who I really am, instead of being constantly detached.  I also want you to know my anger is noticeably disappearing with even my parol officer  saying positive things about you.  Know I am forever grateful to you and if I can ever help you, please call on me.”

— Evan, New Mexico

“Paul is a true communicator who offers his time, understanding and deep listening.  He shares his wisdom generously and inspires action, fulfillment and joy.”

— Christine Wilson, Boston, MA

“Paul is a wonderful teacher, very compassionate and open to what really works. I met him in Maui and immediately had an over-the-top powerful connection.  It was incredible to experience his love and dedication towards helping me through the very difficult life I was living.  From our first session to the fantastic Reiki Energy Master training, I found Paul professional, grounded and caring.  Paul was able to immediately sense what I was going through which I know helped alot in the sessions.  I love love love the Breathwork sessions!”

— Doug M., Hawaii